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Top Hotels in Istanbul, Turkey

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Istanbul is a wonderful city filled with stories and history. This amazing city is unbelievably picturesque with its amazing mosques and bazaars and people. If you are searching for the place for your stay in this lovely city, you have come to the right place, as this list will present you with the best hotels for tourist visiting Istanbul.

  1. Marmara Place

Marmara place is a fresh and modern hotel, which is located in the historical part of Istanbul. The hotel offers the best value for money with its excellent service and great position. Whether it be you are looking for a room, a suit or organizing a meeting event, this four star hotel and its amazing staff will not disappoint you, and neither will the amazing city in which it is located. Marmara Place place is certainly one of the best places to stay while in Istanbul.


  1. The St. Regis, Istanbul

Surrounded by the Macka Park and the city center, the St. Regis hotel is a five-star hotel in Istanbul. St. Regis location is perfect for tourists intending to visit exclusive shops, fine restaurants, art locations and experience entertainment in Istanbul. Hotel’s timeless elegance, luxury and grace are offered in 118 accommodations, spacious rooms and suits.


  1. Pera Palace Hotel

Pera Palace is not just a hotel, but also a symbol of urban culture of Istanbul, the witness of many historical events and the place where many historical figures have stayed in the past. Some of the notable guests of Pera Palace were: Queen Elizabeth II, Emperor Franz Joseph, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Alfred Hitchcock and many others. Pera Palace has been the symbol of glamour and luxury since its opening in 1895.


  1. Divan Istanbul Hotel

If you want a unique Ottoman experience while visiting Istanbul, book a room in Divan Istanbul Hotel which offers the luxury and exotic design of this ancient city right in its historical heart. Its location places you right in the middle of the historical sites which will provide you a unique experience, along with the luxury accommodations, design and amazing service, Divan Hotel will make you want to visit Istanbul and stay in this amazing hotel many times more.


  1. Lotus Hotel Istanbul

Lotus Hotel is located in the center of the old, historical part of Istanbul and has a perfect location if you want to see the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower or Taksim Square. It is located near the main bus terminal which will lead you anywhere in Istanbul. The rooms are clean, luxurious and of course there is Wi-Fi and air-conditions in each room. The staff is hospitable and pleasant and will accommodate your every desire. If you want to experience Turkish hospitality and amazing cultural sites choose to stay in the Lotus Hotel, as you will get the best from Istanbul and will leave wishing you could stay or return in the future.


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